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Vivo Dual Arm Computer Monitor Desk Mount

This vivo desk mount comes with two large monitors that can be placed in any conspiratorial location of your choice. Add one of these monitors to your collection of workstations or booths with this mount and use it as a new personal work surface. The adjustable arm and mount make it easy to create a custom work surface that is also your personal amplifier for productivity.

Vivo Dual Arm Computer Monitor Desk Mount Amazon

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Cheap Vivo Dual Arm Computer Monitor Desk Mount

This mount is designed to hang the computer from a single arm that is adjustable to fit any height from 2. 5 inches. The mount has two arms so each arm can have a different height, and it can be moved to fit any wall size. The mount also includes a provision for mounting a safe or other large computer. the vivo desk mount is a great way to increase your desk's productivity and make it look more important. This desk mount has two monitor pneumatic counterbalance heights that can be adjusted to fit your needs. The monitor can be placed in any position without fear of it rotateoa. this mount is for the vivo dual arm computer monitor. It is height adjustable for a range of 30-60 cm and has a metal mount with a tempered glass lens for safety. The mount also features a built-in speaker for voice and data communication. The desk mount is perfect for anyone who wants to monitor their computer from a new or traditional height. the vivo dual arm computer monitor desk mount is perfect for those looking for a high-quality and durable deskmount. The mount features two individual armswings that can be adjustated to a variety of heights to ensure a comfortable and stable work environment. Additionally, the mount features a clearomizers for caesers and cinema monitors and is compatible with most monitor types.